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i googled a picture of walker hound (that is what someone once told me she looked like) and i got this picture

and compare it with

now this is 2 days after we got her, and you can see how skinny she was, but i can definetly see a resemblance between Hera and the walker hound.

also i have attached an image of her tail, the way it drops and curls almost like a greyhound?

a picture of her chest, the white spot, i dont know if this means anything?

and her teeth? also dont know if you can get anything from this

by the way, she loves getting her picture taken, and the cat is also a ham for the camera

here are some pics purely for entertainment:

yes she is talented, can carry 2 tennis balls in her mouth

really wants that ball

now she really wants inside lol

hera loves the snow

told you she is photogenic


and one of the cat for good measure
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