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issues with cats

Hi, I rescued Gracie at about 7 months, and I've had her for about a year now. She is very obedient, rarely pulls on leash, has a rock solid "stay", etc. The only time I can't get a positive (or any) response from her was when she was in hunt mode. Until today. She's always been good with other dogs and cats, but today she decided to hunt my friend's new kitten. Even on leash, even on a sit/stay, there was nothing I could do to get her attention or break her stare from the kitten. Normally, on leash she's not in hunt mode, but today she was in hunt mode from the second she saw the kitten until we went home (about two hours!!). We spend a lot of time on this farm, and need to be able to trust her with just this one cat. Is there any way to convince her that just this one cat is not prey?? Any suggestions would be really appreciated. p.s. She is not terribly food or toy motivated. I haven't had much luck finding anything more interesting to her than hunting.
My best guess is that she's black and tan coonhound crossed with German Shepherd.

This is her (if I attached the pic correctly ):
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