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Originally Posted by otter View Post
Possibly .... though Labs vary ALOT

Molly's kinda of unsure of the definition of the word "share" as well. I think she thinks of me as her "official ball tosser" and not much else
lol yeah trust me, i feel the same way most of the time. if you dont mind, im going to use "official ball thrower" in place of "junior member" on my profile.

Thanks growler,
yeah, i kind of suspected hound in her somewhere, not so much from her physical characteristics (im no expert) but more of how she acts when she sees "small game" lol
Hera and the beagle next door are always on lookout for squirrels in the back yard, and she is very persistent, will wait in an aggressiive stance for it to come down, or will jump and do flips thinking she is going to get high enough to grab it lol
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