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Ha ha ha sounds like what Solara does! Except she's 9 weeks. We're working on getting her to sit when ppl want to pat her, but she's so young still, I don't expect that to come right away. We had bought a book called "Labrador Retreivers for Dummies", I would recommend it to anyone. It had alot of great info in it. Anyways, we're teachng her "off" & "take it" so that when she has her leash n her mouth we can say "off" and she will drop it. Doesn't workk all the time, but again shes just a baby. Also, we never leave her outside unsupervised, I read somewhere that if you can't watch the puppy 100% of the time, then it should be somewhere safe ie. crate etc. I think that makes sense
Training a puppy takes alot of time & effort, as well as being consistent. Don't be too hard on yourself. It'll come together in time!
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