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Can you help identify my dogs breed?

Hello everyone,
Just wondering if anybody could give me some insight into what breeds my dog is mixed with.

I got her (Hera) from the Humane Society about 2 years ago. When I got her they said she was about 2 years old, which would make her about 4 years old now. She has loads of energy, and has not slowed down a bit since we got her. She is very lovable and always wants to be with someone, she thinks she is a lap dog although she is 52lbs haha. she has very short coarse hair, but very soft on her head and neck. has a white speckled patch on her chest. and some greying/white on her muzzle.
stands about 24 inches
People are always commenting on how she looks so young, and how she has lots of growing to do, although she hasn't grown a whole lot since we got her, except she filled out a bit with her new diet.
She loves kids

She will play ball ALL DAY! she is a very fast runner, almost greyhound-ish.
gets along great with our cat, and the dog next door, but seems hostile to other dogs when out on walks
When she sees a squirrel or rabbit she freezes, her whole body tenses up, but then quickly makes a mad dash for it.
LOVES the water and snow

It is clear to me that she is part lab, but not too sure about what she is mixed with.

i have included some pictures, hopefully someone can provide me with some insight
Thanks in advance

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