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"Jeepers" is kinda like "Yikes"...sometimes used in the case of "jeepers creepers" which is more like "what the heck"

Don't think it's yeast infection for Molly - her skin isn't smelly or scaley/crusty, just oily, sometimes you get white oily residue on your hands but her skin LOOKS OK. Chole (rip) had similar condition and the Sebolux shampoo seemed to help her a bit, made her coat very soft and reduced the oiliness. The "condition" seems to get better and worse at different times, no idea why. Itchiness is the worst part for poor Molly thus it's getting critical to do something so she doesn't go mad.

I'm off to "civilization" (Thunder Bay then Calgary - we don't have a pet store or a vet in my town:sad next weekend so i'm going to try and get some coconut oil, then the week after we'll be seeing the vet again and hopefully get some shampoo. Anything else I should be looking for when i'm in the city that might help with itchiness?
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