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Thanks for all the info... goldens4ever your suggestions and experience is a great help. We've been working with the vet, trying out first antibiotics (cause she also had red spots and very itchy) which helped while she was on them but the itchy came back about a week later (though no red spots). I think Seborrhea was mentioned as a possibility...

She's still pretty itchy and has the oiliness so we're looking at other options. Shampoo is next on the table but right now she swims so much I didn't think any value in shampooing, maybe i'm wrong about that. I know the swimming doesn't help her skin but I think Molly would be soooooooo depressed if she didn't get to swim. She sulked for about two hours the other night when I wouldn't let her swim on our walk.:sad:

My vet is very young and probably doesn't have a huge amount of experience - actually Molly's first vet visit (back in May) was her FIRST day on the job, she just graduated from vet school. Don't get me wrong, she has been WONDERFUL!!! and has no qualms about asking the other vets for advice. Anyways, any ideas I can bring to her really help

Looks like coconut oil would be a good investment for us. I think her food is OK (Canidae lamb and rice) though i'm pondering a change due to soft poops, we'll see about that after we try out the coconut oil.
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