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Originally Posted by otter View Post
Would it be any help for "oily" ish coats. Molly's coat looks a bit oily and when you scratch her your hands sometimes get a whitish oily coating on them. Adding more fat to her diet seems contradictory but I could be wrong. Anyone know?
If her skin is oily to that degree, than you are probably dealing with a dematological condition. That sounds symptomatic of Seborrhea - I would go to a vet to get that checked out ASAP because that is NOT normal, but it can be improved once you know what the problem is. I would not delay on that. Dogs with Seborrhea are susceptible to lots of other problems.

For dogs with Seborrhea, like my Aspen, the Nutiva can do wonders, along with with a high-quality diet, Omega 3, 6, 9 supplement, & shampoos with a medicated product, such as Virbac's Sebolux. Aspen's skin used be very oily around her neck & shoulder area, but it was all covered with scales, which looked exactly like fish scales. So, it was a combination of oily & dry. This sounds similar to what you are describing.

I had to shampoo Aspen 2x/week for about a month with Sebolux, then 1x/week for about 2 months. Now, I shampoo her with 1x/month. One would never know she has this condition because her skin is healthy now; however, that transpired from a combination of things - no one product did it alone. But, I can say that I noticed the biggest improvement once we started introducing the Nutiva. Seborrhea cannot be cured, only controlled.
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