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Originally Posted by Isolde View Post
as far as I know kibble has quite alot of fats and oils, supplementing with even more oil is not too much?

So far my dog seems to not have any problems with her coat or skin but I was wondering if it would be a good idea to give her a little bit of some good oil (fish, coconut, flax or other type).

I am just changing her to Wellness puppy now but she's not that crazy about it ...

The lesser quality brands tend to have more bad fat because it adds "flavour" .

If your dog has no issues with her skin or coat then you probably don't need to supplement.

And, fyi my dogs didn't care for Wellness either.

Originally Posted by Isolde View Post
also what oil is the best to give them
Some people find success with olive oil, others use herring or salmon oil happily. The fish oils have the omega's as an added bonus. My dogs tired of the fish oils fairly quickly and didn't cotton to olive oil.
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