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Originally Posted by mummummum View Post
We're at the end of our big jar so I thought I would see what the general consensus is amongst other folks who having been adding this to their pet's food.

Personally I'm impressed. It's made a huge difference in skin and coat condition ~ Declan's in particular. I'm not one to bathe my dog's ~ they see the groomer a few times a year and that's just fine. But Declan has ALWAYS had greasy, grimey skin and no matter how hard I try to keep him brushed his shedding is hugemongous and his coat is dull. All of that has improved significantly ~ in all three dogs, but in Declan's in particular. And, they love the taste! I'm feeding about 2 tablespoons per day mixed into their kibble.

Thumb's up from me and I'll be heading out to the health food store for another $25 () jar.

as far as I know kibble has quite alot of fats and oils, supplementing with even more oil is not too much?

So far my dog seems to not have any problems with her coat or skin but I was wondering if it would be a good idea to give her a little bit of some good oil (fish, coconut, flax or other type).

I am just changing her to Wellness puppy now but she's not that crazy about it ...

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