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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

We're at the end of our big jar so I thought I would see what the general consensus is amongst other folks who having been adding this to their pet's food.

Personally I'm impressed. It's made a huge difference in skin and coat condition ~ Declan's in particular. I'm not one to bathe my dog's ~ they see the groomer a few times a year and that's just fine. But Declan has ALWAYS had greasy, grimey skin and no matter how hard I try to keep him brushed his shedding is hugemongous and his coat is dull. All of that has improved significantly ~ in all three dogs, but in Declan's in particular. And, they love the taste! I'm feeding about 2 tablespoons per day mixed into their kibble.

Thumb's up from me and I'll be heading out to the health food store for another $25 () jar.
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