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Staph Infection more detail

I have seen two vets, one who specializes in dermatology. We are in rural North Georgia and as far as I know we don't have any people holistic doctors in the area, let alone holistic vets. I walk him with a harness/leash. We (vet and I) think it initially occured because he stepped on glass and cut the padding off the paw. Vet said that sometimes "trauma" can cause the infection. The infection surrounds his mouth and now I am afraid it is moving to his feet as well.

No, the breeder is not a vet nor someone I know very well. We have spent apx. $1000 on this reoccuring problem and I can't keep doing that BUT I know it makes him feel bad and I would love to figure out a way just to keep it from flaring up. I would be very willing to try natural products and appreciate the feedback I received.

I know pits have skin problems so if any of you fellow pit owners have dealt with this type of problem, please, please offer suggestions.
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