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Question Socialization For Older Puppies - Answered by J. Sansregret

Anyone have any ideas how to socialize an older ( almost 7 month old) puppy?? Thai is super friendly to those he sees regularily (ie. me, my husband, my parents, my siblings, neices and nephews, my husbands parents, sibling, grandparents, etc). But when we are out walking in our neighbourhood, and people approach us (which they do often as he is quite a looker! LOL)... he always backs away from them. There is no barking, or growling, just slowly backs away from them. When they do not speak to us, and simply walk by, he will often approach them and sniff at them as they walk past us. I am just curious, as to how I can socialize him a little more. I understand the breed is not very social ( he is a smooth chow chow)... but I still would like him to be a little more confident around strangers. Any suggestions would be helpful. He has graduated primary obidience, and I am successful in getting him in a sit-stay around strangers, but when they want to pet him... he slowly moves backwards... like he is not sure if they are ok or not... Pls help us... so we can be more social... by the way, he loves all other animals.. and does not respond this way with strange animals he hasnt met before.. Thanks
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