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reply to nosebleed in dog

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog having nasal cancer. My dog of 14 yrs passed away from this and it was extremely heartbreaking and devestating. He got so bad that both nostrils were clogged and I had to keep his mouth open by holding his jowles out so he could breathe. to add to this - he also had congestive heart disease and diabetes. You talk about a rough ride fro this little fella- but we were there for him all the way and he never gave up- all the way to the end. he was a brave little trooper and died in my arms.

PLEASE...if anyone here has an animal who bleeds from his/ her nose- please go directly to the vet and have them check for nasal cancer- our vet told us it was a peice of acorn that he had sniffed - boy was he wrong- and it cost my baby his life. Do not take the word of your vet- when my dog first was having diabetic problems- we took him to our vet and he told us it was seizures- thank goodness I had a bad feeling and went for a second opinion- it did come out as diabetes and it only took a 29 cent pee-strip to prove it.

always get second opionions as though you were seeing yoru own doctor. It may be a matter of life or death for your family member.

My dog was a cocker spaniel and he was my little angel.

I hope you find the strength to carry on after your baby crosses the rainbow bridge.
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