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The vet that did the probe said that hes got about three months untreated, and with radiation we would have about 8 months. There would be a great chance with where the tumor is located in the nose that the radiation would cause a type of sunburn on the roof of his mouth, and he could then not want to eat from the pain, and end up with a feeding tube during this.
If that wasnt bad enough we would have to travel over 200 miles each way to get to the radiation. My Yukon gets beyond stressed traveling(, he can barely make it the fifteen minutes to the referral center). If we opted to leave him there for the duration of the treatment to avoid the daily stress, he might not make it, he has major separation issues from me. He chewed through a metal kennel when we tried to board him, and broke off all his canines, and after his biopsy he chewed off his IV. Hes gonna lose no matter what we do.
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