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Update on my pup

I just wanted to post an update on our pup. I was convinced that my boy had sniffed up some rabbit poop hes been obsessing about in our backyard, but it still bothered me that his nose was still dripping very small amounts of blood. I called my vet again, and she suggested taking him to the referral center in the next town.
This week they did a 3-D x-ray (this just x-rays the upper part of his mouth), a nose flush (to help remove any possible foreign bodies), and a Rhinoscopy with a biopsy. Well, today we got the horrible gut wrenching news, cancer. I will try to spell the name of the cancer, adenosqamous carcinoma.
Has anyone else had a dog with this cancer? I want to know all I can about this monster, and has anyone beaten this after it has past the beginning stages?

Also thank you Dr. Lee and mummummum for your input, it means alot.
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