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Is it the infection or bad behaviour?

Well its been a couple of weeks with Tabitha and her bacterial infection...She took the Renoquin ( not very well I might add!) but she still continues to pee on Winston's bed...I have been so frustrated since they told me about the urinary infection / renal problem??? I ask a food related question...they hand me a brochure?? I read things about renal failure and it refers to Chronic or Acute...I ask and they tell me if her CRE count was in the 500's she would be hospitalized??? The cats seem to like the KD Hills food but it bugs me that I havent been able to figure out what to give them without hurting her further...seems to me there are so many opinions on what to feed ...

So I get up yesterday morning and after not having Winstons bed on the floor for 2 days I put it back and she pee'd on it again...this time ruining the inside as it had time to seep through! So, we have now put her on Amoxil 100mg day to see if maybe the other pills maybe didnt work?

But I am wondering if she is pissed off with something?

One good thing came from my vet visit...I was telling them how hard she is to pill and the girl brought me out some of these treat type things (dont knoe what their called) but it looks like a little piece of fudge with a hole in the put the pill in it hole..cover it over...they are quite soft...and give it to the cat....Well I handed it to her...she swallowed the whole treat pill and all without even chewing it! Yay!!!! The tech said they use them there alot because they have to pill so many cats and all cats really like them! I think she said you can buy them 40 in a pack for $6.00...well worth it though!!

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