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My Bichon had a bad reaction to Rabies vaccine

After my Bichon got his rabies shot the hair started falling out at the injection site. Over the next year it spread until it went under his belly and his leg on the whole side went bald. He had fathered 7 puppies before he got the vaccine but after that he was not able to perform again permanently. After a year I took him back to my vet and she said she had many other dogs that had the same reaction and it was from a bad batch of Rabies vaccine. She was very angry at the company which I cannot mention because they paid all my vet bills which came to over $500.00 and made me sign a paper saying I would not release information about the vaccine or the company's name to anyone in order to recieve the re-imbursment. My vet gave me pills to give him daily for 100 days and they helped some of the hair to grow back but he has a permanent bald spot and a hard lump on that spot on his leg. He also was never able to perform for breeding again so after 3 years I finally gave up and had him neutered. I'm now scared to have him get the rabies vaccine and have been hiding him from the local people that license dogs so they won't find out. I'm worried another vaccine will hurt him worse or kill him. It's a law they have to have the vaccine and my new vet said there is nothing I can do about it except to try to not let anyone know he isn't licensed or up to date on his rabies vaccine. He recommended I follow the law and give him the vaccine but I refused. I love my little guy to much to take the chance.
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