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Is your breeder a vet? If not then I would strongly suggest that you do not try to self medicate your dog. The results may be horrific!

I'm sure you've seen a regular vet however you may want to see a holistic vet or even a specialist.

When you say staph infection can you go into detail about it?

Do you walk your dog on a gentle leader? Are they a result of sores around the mouth?

Pls don't medicate w/o consulting a vet it's very dangerous.

You can give your dog some natural things to boost the immune system and some natural remedies to try and kill the infection.

Would you be willing? If so this is what you should consider

-shark cartilidge (daily)
-vitamin e (daily)
-fish oil (daily)
-oil of oregano (3x a day)
*Liquid form 3 drops in some yogurt or unsweetened applesauce 3x day
-Yogurt to boost the natural bacteria the antibiotics wiped out (daily)
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