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Thank you but

I did see a vet last friday...No broken bones. But the gun shot seemed a bit far fetched!! I am sure I would of noticed blood or even a hole.
There isn't a spinal cord injury either he can move his head and he is trying to sit himself up and crawling now. He even started to scratch behind his ear with his back legs the other day. His feet are still in a paralyses state. But he isn't in any pain.
Also just incase you may have forgotten....There is a such thing as Raccoon bites doing this, also tick paralyses, lickulisin paralyses and a few types of wood spiders will cause these same effects on a animal...
I cleared this with my vet and even my own personal family Doctor and my pharmacist/Herbalist who have always been extremly supportive. Not to mention my dog is not elderly. I have another dog that is much much older than he is..They have always seen the same vet since they were puppies...

But I do want to thank you for your advice and care in my dog. It does mean a lot to me..My animals have always ment a lot to me. They have always been more than a family pet but a memeber of our family. His theraphy is coming along well and we will continue to work with him till he is fully back to his old self again...

Thanks Zoya
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