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I'm SOOO glad it's working for you Frenchy!

I did not get your last's probably MY error though. You cannot even imagine the amount of emails we get in one day. Most of them are spam though so I do try very hard to answer every email within a few hours if possible. Yours may have slipped through the cracks. I was about to send you a new email this morning but I'm so happy it's working for you!!!

for the record can you tell me in this thread what browser version - computer - and operating system you were using?



Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
Yes she is !

You didn't get my e-mail Marko ? I couldn't call you because I don't speak english just kidding . I couln't call because I leave for work at that time. But I just downloaded Firefox and it seems to work fine now Thanks for all your help everybody !
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