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Originally Posted by marko View Post
There is also the new multiquote feature, that we've had trouble with in the past...but seems to be working now. We wanted to test it with some new code we'll be adding soon but since this thread came up, here goes:

The icon at the bottom right of the reply box (attached here at the very bottom of this post) is the multi-quote button. If you click on more than one of those icons (ie one from member a, one from member b etc.) and THEN click the post reply button, you can quote multiple people.

As a test I did it in this very post with the quoted posts below my text here.

Hope that helps,

Originally Posted by breeze View Post
It does It does

<--------- Breeze doing the happy dance

thanks Marko and MX3 this is a very cool feature

WOO HOO....I did it too and I'm quite computer challenged.
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