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hi, i'm new here and have read alot of your comments. i'm from ohio and we have to pay alot for our insurance. insurance poor, i call it. i do what i can for the animals i rescue. should i leave a puppy in the middle of the night running down the middle of the road alone because i can't afford to pay a vet bill. no! i chase it down, even with it fighting me, and take it home and love it until whatever monster mistreated it, fades from her mind. it never goes away, but it eases. i try to find a way to spay her, even though i don't make alot of money, and get her her shots. she won't co-operate though. i have to find some way to knock her out so i can take her. should i have left the 6mn. cat stay on my electric pole so the dogs could chase him and possibly kill him? no, i neuter him and keep him in the house. how about the puppy someone said they would throw out of the car if they couldn't get rid of it? nope! i am a softie and hate to see animals suffer, but i also can't afford alot of vet bills. you said i shouldn't be a pet owner. sorry, but for some i am their last chance. so to those who are rude, i will keep taking care of them the best i can and for those who understand, thanks for the thoughts and this site to help.