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I had my 8 month old Belgium Shepard, RENO up to Tufts this week, as she got under a tarp I had laid on the ground, and got into the muck under it. She developed anorexia, diarreah, and was running a temp of 103, and she lost 4 lbs in one week. She had gotten into this crap here 3 days previous to her illness. I ran her up and explained about SHADOW, and they put her on the meds.
I am happy to say, I have solid fecal matter out of her now and she is doing well. Her blood profile should be back on Monday, but they covered all bases with the meds, just because of the situation on this property.
I battened down the hatches here and run her up to the farm once a day to let her let off some puppy steam, and she is doing well.
Pachiz, keep up the work in school, it is the top priority and congrats on your notebook.
Thanks again for being there!!!!!!
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