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Ya, she was climbing the wall at the vet so I could pet her head.
She is freakin' gorgeous.

I adopted/saved a kitten from her fist litter. I found her poisoned a few years ago and took her in. They have that same flirty character.
She doesn't come to you right away. She sits and watches you and hisses once from far away. If you continue to call her, she walk up to you slowly and sits a few feet away. You have to actually stretch out and rub the top of her head to " press the on botton" of hers and then she justs rolls and purrs.

There's something about this one.... she's very coy and playful and has these diamond eyes.

(Just a side note: In case anyone is worried about separating the mom and the kitten, they are, in fact already seperated.)

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