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Originally Posted by catsnatcher-CDN View Post
Cats cannot share confined spaces with several other cats.
I disagree. Mine are all in one area and are happy as clams. They have hiding places to go into when feeling stressed out but most choose to stay out in the open. They love to stalk each other, share each others' toys and pounce on one other. Occasionally one or two are not the best of friends but they just ignore each other. They all sure know how to agree on one thing though: my lap! It may also help that all are spayed/neutered. Please do not blanket judge multicat situations as even every home needs to be assessed on a one-to-one basis.

I am glad the cats are in the garage and warm and fed. I am sure the kitten will be scooped up immediately. Lola will find someone; she is so beautiful. Why don't you reconsider a rescue for Martin as ACO22 posted?
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