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I'm not offended. I am absolutely looking for a foster for Martin as well. Nothing has come up over the last month that he's been at the vet. No foster, no adopter. Nothing.

Unless it is a home where all the cats have their own personal space, I do not believe that putting him in a room (a rescue specifically) with over 10 cats is a better situation. Cats cannot share confined spaces with several other cats.

Also, Martin was a housecat who's not afraid of humans and would fare better in an environment where he doesn't have to compete for attention.


Martin's lover (Lola) and the kitten will have their own bios by tonight/tomorrow. All my efforts were concentrated on Martin's adoption. But Lola is freakin gorgeous, long hair black and white. I thought she was absolutely feral but within a few hours at the vet, she was purring up a storm!

I'll be asking Frenchy to post her bio and the kittens bio this evening.
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