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Originally Posted by catsnatcher-CDN View Post
Thank you AC022....

I'm not too keen on giving a cat to a rescue for 2 reasons:

1. they are overloaded. I don't want to put Martin in a room with 10 or more cats. Situations like that are not always a better solution.

2. I don't want to pass on the responisibility to someone else.

Thank you AC022 for your help. You never know someone at the rescue may know someone....
First just let me start off by saying, I didn't mean to offend, if I did. I can see that you have improved his life in a short while.

I would not give up on rescues groups though. Here we have alot of rescue groups that foster cats in their homes. Some have a couple cats, while others only foster one..Expecially if it is a special needs cat, like Martin.

I would give it a second thought, if you have not already. I just can't think of putting him back outside, after all you have done to him.

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