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Thanks for your input. Shadow was diagnosed with hepatits. Not doggie hepatitis, but bacterial hepatits. They did a liver biopsy on him because his liver enzymes were elevated.
After the wonderful care they gave him for the week he was there, they sent him home on meds for 6 weeks, and advised me to walk him and my other pets away from the septic system back up.
I had to take him over to a friends house, because it is not safe anywhere in this yard, and he is super sensitive to the smells of course.
However, I see him almost everyday, and he is doing awesome. His color is good and his eyes are bright again. He just finished his medication last night and he is doing well there.
The vet at Tufts told me his hepatitis could be caused by contact with animal and/or human waste. I brought him back last week for another liver panel and his liver enzymes are back to normal and his long term prognosis is excellent.
Thanks for your help and Pachiz for babysitting me through this, I feel like a jerk sending him to friends, but he is my "BOY CHILD" and I have to protect him and I cannot do that here. I almost feel like I have abandoned him, even though I know I haven't. But I sure do miss him on the passenger side of my bed, and the back of my truck, but, I can see him whenever I want. And most important he is now HEALTHY, and I intend to keep him that way!!!!
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