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I have faith in people not to lie. It was not th is ladies cat, but she may be willing to at least give it a home if I can't find the owners.

I have pics of my little mutt though. Hehe I love this cat. I'm only guessing this is a female cuz of the orange colours, but I really don't know. And she is not declawed and also no chip. I am only going on personality that this is a family owned cat.

The other morning at work I was sitting outside with a couple of co workers eating a tim hortons bacon and egg thing, she came up to smell it, so I let her and said aw you wouldn't like that, as i pulled my hand away after she smelled it, she reached up and grabbed my sleeve with her paws and pulled my arm down and stole my breakfast lol I didn't want her to get sick from it but it was funny as hell.

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