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head tremors

I have a 2yr.old boxer named Banshee, and in the last couple of weeks we noticed, just at night, while he's relaxed his head will start bobbing,kind ok like Parkinson's disease,and then it stops after a cuople of minutes.
When we first noticed it we took him to the vet,and all his blood work came back fine.Are vet told us to give him phenobarbital just at night when it happens, so we have a half of a pill, for the last week. We took him of on Friday, he was fine Saturday and got another one on Sunday night. I gave him a dog treat and it went away once he started chewing. He was fine all day Monday
and got one Monday night at 8:30 the same time as Sunday and then again at 11:30.So I called my vet and they said to put him back on the meds.
My Question is there a cure for these tremors or a cause to why out of the blue this would happen? Banshee eats very good and his health is exellent, beside these tremors.Also when your dogs get them how many days do they last,and have they came back?
Please if someone could answer me that would be great, i"ve called 6 different vets and got on Busters head tremors forum and nobody is helping me.

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