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there is a sturdy shelter under my balcony already. But trust me, the winters in Quebec are very brutal and not the same as the winters in Idaho.

I would re-release him without a second thought but Martin is a house cat who literally stalks us to come inside.

But I have no choice anymore. He's been living it up at the vet since august 8!
(20 x 16$ /day boarding x 3) + tax = Martin is being re-released.

The 4 kittens he fathered have been adopted (of course). The last one is being operated today and transported to her new home on Friday.

The Mom cat has been fixed. She is also tame and adoptable and beautiful and about 4. If there is anyone who can integrate her into their home, let me know.

I have pics, I just didn't want to take the spotlight away from Martin.

Thanks Everyone. Please don't forget about Martin. Keep asking around (as will I). Winter is approaching and he's still homeless.
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