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YOU are Martin's miracle

In my community and at my house ten feral cat shelters at my house and in my garage, they do no harm and occasoinally get trapped and altered.
Once he has his good warm carpeted shelter there is no reason that they must live en he will be fine,in his own condominium.
utter misery just because a cat lives outdoors does not mean th at he must live in utter misery and be uncomfortable or unsheltered, I think spay neuter and release is the best plan for feral and abandoned but I go a step further and provide them their little comfortable houses and shelters like cabinets and cupboards and my recycling bin filled with dry nutiplan cat food and lots of fresh water and I mix canned cat food with carrots, brewers yeast, olive oil ( it helps with furballs and constipation and you know what those feral and abandoned cats that live around my place look very healthy and when I can trap one they get altered We cannot do everything for these creatures but there are things we can do I even give them toys to play with imagine that I have feral cats on my porch chasing little ping pong balls and they are happy even 'though they come from a feral lineage

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