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Why not just build him a cozy house of his own?

Like a warm dog house type shelter lined with carpeting and maybe big enough to put inside a warm sofa cushion from some discarded sofa and make the entry hole large enough so he can easily get in it but small enough so that once inside he can easily defend his "turf" it might be ideal to find him a family home but if that isn't possible then at least give him comfort and safety where he is at so that he has freedom and by all means keep him friendly so that he can be given his annual immunizations, unfortunately there are not enough homes for all feral or abandoned cats so if you can at least make him cozy that will matter a great deal, once I made a cardboard cat house similar to a box cave type and put an old sofa cushion in it and set it on my porch and went in to get food for the ferals that eat on my porch and i wasn't gone three minutes and I looked inside in winter and a cat had jumped in and gave birth in that short time. When you can't do all you want to do on behalf of the feral or abandoned cat population at least do what you can do, our open garage is the home to many feral cats and abandoned ones and I maintain a recycling bin on my front porch filled with high quality Nutridiet cat food and containers of fresh water as well I give the going sour milk to the Mom feral cats and often while weaning kittens the feral moms bring their kittens to the bin to teach them where to try for food and often I can capture these kittens and tame them. Once a female feral cat in labor came to me she appreciated my kindness her kittens had died inside her and she was unable to finish birthing them she was in pain I took her in a crate to the vet and he said the deceased kittens inside her were decomposing and toxic to the Mom he euthenized her but at least before she died she had that shot that gave comfort and she had turned to me the only one she trusted when her pain was unbearable she knew I supplied them their food. I cried for her, she might have been feral but her spirit was still very beautiful

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