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feeding rescued feral kittens

at first they were hissy ,frightened and biting at me their feral Mother ran away when I rescued them from the backroom shelf where they were born, these were originally five kittens she let one die, apparently, I crated these babies up and started out with a syringe with no needle to squirt water down their throats four or five times a day and stuff q tips with canned cat food on the end into their mouths being careful not to let them ingest any cotton later they accepted it off a gloved finger at first I could only pick them up with mitted pot holders the thick kind they bite.
I now have a trap which I bought from e bay reasonably priced to try and capture the Mom cat game plan is catch her get the county shelter vet to spay her for $55.00 and then bring her back and release her so she can eat off my porch as usual. The kittens were later confined to my bathroom where they learned to drink water from a bowl and use the litter box and eat canned cat food from a plate, now they have the run of the house with the catbox in the front hallway, they purr when picked up and s arethey are completely socialized they do not know they were ever wild kittens, they don't want to be feral doors are closed off so they cannot go to the outside just yet, we don't want them in the street or near the dog.
The feral Mom has visited them a few times but her main interest is in stealing their food and getting them to follow her off to go wild with her so we have locked her out of our upstairs where these kittens are at.
Now we need homes for them or else we must get them altered and just keep them ourselves.
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