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i hadn't heard about the Epilepsy deal. How long ago was your friend raising 'Blaze?'

I am familiar with the stones and the deafness though. weird. it really seems like Dals are a great dog, and because of their many greatnesses, you have to watch for a couple of shortcomings.

how has shedding been with yours? i've heard it's abundant, but sometimes people overreact to things... I mean, if shedding is present, big deal, but if it's a like a whole new coat of fur every day........ some people would make a big deal out of finding 5 new hairs on their pants or something, but that doesn't bug me.

I think a long time back one of my family's English Springer Spaniel pups ended up being epileptic. I just remember she had problems with seizures and stuff. is there a way to check for that, or do you just take your new friend home and pray for the best?
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