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Smile No they like to be inside

Hey man, no, I would keep him inside, kennel him for a while if need be...Dals like to be indoors if not playing....they love the creature comforts of home...blankets, fireplaces, fans(in the summer), etc...If I walk Pele for over 1/2 hour in the morn, he will be fine for about 8 hours if need be...Kidney stones, I think, just make peing very difficult and painful....Always leave fresh water, they need that...and seriously they are clean beasts...
I forgot to mention...Apparently 1/3 of Dals are born deaf....They do not aquire deafness (unless it age related) when you go look at Dals, snap your fingers or whistle to see if he can hear...If yer really considered, you can get him checked...Epilepsy is also very common...My sister's in-laws and a neighbor of ours (has 2 Dals) owned epileptic Dals...A good friend of mine had a childhood Dal named Blaze (perfect name) who also had epilepsy...So look out for a good will be worth it...
Later dude...
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