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Pele eats raw foods

Hello..yeah Pele eats what is known as the B.A.R.F. diet (biologically appropriate raw foods or bones and raw food)...He eats primarily chicken and mashed fruits and veggies...He loves raw beef bones and will eat a bit a fish and turkey...We do bake sweet potoatoes and yams for him....Actually my partner/girlfriend knows more about it as she researched it for about 4 months before Pele went into transition from kibble to his current diet...It's not that expensive and once yer into the rhythm of preparing the's cheaper and easier than feeding a human baby....He has been on the diet since he was 7 months old
Anyways you can do a google search for BARF diet and you will definately be able to find out more...The low protein thing, I think (I'll ask my girlie when she gets home), is a myth...It's actually the purine levels in the protiens or meat that may cause unrine tract and kidney problems...That's why we feed Pele chicken because it is one of the protiens lower in purine, he gets fish once in awhile because it is actually very high in purines...
Pele has had a urine analysis done, he's fine and we will do it again when he's 5, then 8, and so on ....
Raw foods, I think is the way to go...I've come accross a few articles about what actually goes into commercial pet foods..nasty stuff...some stuff found has been like non edible stuff like gum boots or something!!!
Talk to you later, dude...
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