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Originally Posted by CatLover711 View Post
HELP!!! My cat is 8 years old and shes been vomitting a lot. She hasnt been herself lately. And she is very week and barley moves. I tried to give her milk and she would not drink it. So i gave it to her in a tube and she drank a little. The vet is not opened today and i called yesturday and they said that my cat can come in on Tuesday. Will she be ok by then? And what should i do until then?! Please Help!!!
First let me say Get a NEW vet! Most vets will take an animal that is vomiting right away. Why don't you try a ER Vet Hospital. Your cat NEEDS to see a VET TODAY not on Tuesday.

PS...DO NOT feed Cats milk. It can give them Diarria. Which will lead to dehyration...she is probably already dehyrated since she was vomiting. She will proabably have to be on IV fliuds.

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