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Originally Posted by kiara View Post
Martin is a handsome boy. ( Many vets don't agree about keeping FIV cats alive, especially homeless ones! ) The fact that he has FIV and lives outside is so sad. Everytime cats fight, this disease gets spread through a bite. You could contact Animal Rescue Network in Montreal, they keep FIV cats and Leukemia cats in separate rooms and they live out thir lives there, indoor. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention this on an open forum? Better be alive than dead, but what about their quality of life? Not everyone would agree with this idea ????? I think we should concentrate on healthy cats, but even they don't get adopted quickly. There are just too many of them. Should we use up our resources for the sick ones????
Except that the FIV is inactive and he is not sick. Which means, it could remain inactive for the rest of his life and he could never become sick. So, how could I put him to sleep because of the possibility that he may one day become sick.

Animal Rescue Network has over 300 cats.... Not only won't they take one more, but I couldn't IMAGINE EVER putting a cat in such a stressful situation where he would have to live with 300 cats. That's not an acceptable environment for any cat.
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