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Great choices...

Hey Dustin07....great choices of option to adopt or raise a pup and move to a farm for a while??!?!? Well I gotta tell you, Dal pups are very clean...we got our Pele at 10 weeks old, he began paper training and we decided to train him right away to go lie, it took about 4 days for him to prove to us that he was fully that period, it was maybe 3 pees and definately 1 poop...nothing to worry's all about scheduling...And to adopt, that would be great for a Dallie, and I know there are quite a few out there....So hey, whatever you do, you can get yourself a great Dal...Just hope that you're Lab can handle being 2nd command, lol....
Oh yeah, I would definately think of myself a DAWG...Great campus....Great Stadium...Great team...
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