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Found Kitty In Georgetown near the hospital

This lil kitty showed up at my work at 1 Princess Anne drive last week. She is the sweetest cat and obviously belongs in a family, there's just no way she's always been on the streets.

She seems very skinny though, I'm guessing she had not had anything to eat in some time. My guess is that she is around a year old, mostly tabby, but has very unique stripes on her, almost tiger like, she's obviously a mix of something, she's got some orangey patches and black and white colours, big eyes, and cute as a button. She's a mutt of some sort, that's the best I can describe her. I will add a photo as soon as I get a chance.

Surely someone will claim her, but if not, she needs a home, I already have 3 cats and the upper credit humane society told me I can't take her there because they have no room. Right now a co-worker and I are feeding her and whatnot, but she has to stay outside sadly.

Hope I hear back from someone.
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