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Exclamation Is this a cold or something worse??

My cat Sox has had cold like symptoms but has also had other symptoms that are not listed for a cold. Like he has had a strange cough I think.. it looks like a sneeze but sounded like it comes out of his mouth. However he's only done that 2x's. I took him to the vet only seeing his eyelid having been irriated or something b/c his inner eyelid was exposed with his eye open over almost half his eye. Well I took him to the vet and she gave me cream for his eye. However as I took him home i noticed that his nostril was running yellow goo I figured was snot. (made sense ya know.. lol) Anyways.. well before either of these things I had taken him home and he had been very grumpy and didn't want to be bothered slept around alot and didn't like me to touch his legs. Well he got shots but 2 days after he got his shots he was still grumpy and very quite just slept alot. Well then he started to show the symptoms I meantioned earlier. Also his legs were shaking a little not very much just a little like he was having a siezure or he had a fever. Is what is wrong with him?
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