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I thought i was a dawg.... but when all my buddies from High school became Cougs... so I guess I route for both, and when they play eachother, i chose not to watch

I'm not over concerned about nipping (not that i'm ignoring it, I'm just not 'offended' by it). a Dal isn't a 'small' dog. but it's far from huge, so for those people who have issues with a energetic dog like that.... well, maybe they'd best stick with toy poodles. lol.

My lab that i hunt with (he is a family dog, and i moved out of my parents house a year go, so he stayed home) is 135lbs. luckily he greats you with his tongue rather than paws though.

I've been in contact with a few breeders. Heres the scoop. I just bought a house, but my in laws want me to 'house sit' their farm for the next 1-2 years. GREAT opportunity, but i was hoping to get a puppy ASAP so i could house train it on MY carpet, before moving it to their house (not to mention chewing, pawing on the door, etc) but it turns out they want me to move over there in November... maybe end of October. That really doesn't leave room for training a puppy at ALL.

so instead my wife and I are exploring the idea of adopting a old Dal who may be somewhat established, but still young enough to become apart of the family.

*** and a funny sidenote... I was at the humane society (looking for homeless Dals of course) and saw a 5 month old mini-aussi sheppard. the owners notes continuely talked about house this dog was 'aggressive' and 'attacked' just about EVERYTHING. I almost adopted the dog right then. COME ON FOLKS!! 5 months old, he put everything in his mouth, duh!! i thought it was funny because the staff had circled everything bad the owner had said and wrote "normal puppy behavior" next to it....cute dog though***
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