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Amaruq is right about Dals nipping...They do and I'm glad that Amaruq sees it for what it is...I think that the bad reputation Dals recieve is from misconceptions...A nip for attention turns into a full blown attack through rumors...Pele is good with kids, he would rather bark and leave the area than knock anyone over if disinterested and he never gets wildly excited unless it involves his soccer ball....Oh yeah another reason I think Dals may get a bad rap from non-owners is because they are very protective and make great guard dogs...Alll it takes is a couple of aquaintences who are a bit dog shy and are not able to manage with the "settling" period (which is about 5-8 minutes for Pele), can't make it past my our front room because of fear and all of a sudden, I own a vicous dog...Please....
Dustin07- I got my Dal from breeders in Squamish who are no longer breeding...I grew up in BC so seeing you're in Washington state, I know there are a few breeders north of you....Being from the Pac NorWest, and a dog person, does that make you a Washington Huskies fan or are you a WaSU Cougar fan?
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