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Dals are far from dumb. In fact i think they are quite Brilliant. Mine needs to be shown a trick once and she knows it.
But then she has had traumatic experiences before we got her. She is incredibly fearful of streets and trucks but loves to chase cars? We found out where she was found from the pound..industrial area. That explained alot to us and also gave the trainer ideas. She has calmed quite a bit. But she has been on R&R for past week and a half.
Dals are not for small kids!!!!! I stress this!!!! They are hyper and playful....when they get going they forget there are people there and knock over things and people. In a controlled enviroment dals will love kids and be best friends.
Dals are also nippers. More to get your attention and not always painful but there are times where a nip in the butt is alittle painful lol!

I have a border colliex dal Now there is difference here. the border is very cunning..always thinking...always checking..Where the Dal is confident..but boy oh boy something goes wrong or you step in her territory its every body for themselves.

They are a kind, sometimes clumzy clown that will give their all to please you and keep you safe.

When she is fully trained she will be my running partner....and my just all around pal!
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