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No they are not dumb

Hi there, no Dals are not dumb...they are extremely active and playful but not in the "full contact" way that, say, Labs are known for...Dals can be aloof with stranger...which isn't all that bad...I know that Pele (my Dal) would never just walk off with anyone...Only a hand full of people in his life could come up to him, pet him, leash him and go...It's sort of comforting knowing that he has "eyes for the one's he loves" As for training, I think Dals are the same as pretty much all sporting dogs...I know Dals are classsified as Non-sporting but only because their sport came into non-existence. If you're firm, consistent, don't yell or hit your dog, he will be fine...Pele is no obedience class star though...but he does the stuff that we really wait for his food while sitting until instructed to eat. He doesn't jump up on furniture or people, he heals, comes (usually), sits and stays and that's fine by me...I can fetch my own newspaper or get my own beer from the fridge...Dals can be gun dogs...I've seen GSP's and Weimies flushing, retrieving, and setting and Pele could do all that, I have no doubt...But I have no interest....
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