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Loved the closure we got in this book. But, geez, she said at least one character would die... not, like, 20!!!

I don't believe JKR is going to make Snape a bad guy in the end, because she's taken so much time and effort for us to see him that way, and up to now, I don't get the feeling she's an obvious person. I think we are in for a surprise.

I was soooo happy with that surprise! Snape has been one of my favourite characters since the beginning. I saw the first three movies before ever touching one of the books and Alan Rickman may not be the most incredibly good looking guy in the world, but there's something about him that's just hot, and with that he makes Snape hot! I think it's the voice, and the way he mooooves. *melt* I wanna be part of the Snape fanclub!

Check out this video, you'll see what I mean, especially the gas station scene, the charisma, so incredibly hot. It's really hard to believe the man's 61!

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