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Hi guys, was looking through my stuff and came upon this once again.

Dr. Slome
He was diagnosed with kidney failure by blood tests, and it was chronic. We were given several cans of Waltham's for him after coming home from the vets, but having not been on soft dog food in his entire life he quickly decided not to eat. It'd turn rock hard in his dish, and he wouldn't gobble half a can up as he had at first. We tried other things, believe me. We went to store after store buying anything that had a low phosphorus, low protein percentage. Most of this came in soft dog food, which he took one sniff at and quickly dismissed it as edible (anyone interested in at least 10 cans of probably already disposed dog food? never touched ). We found some hard dog food as well, which he did like, but his gums were getting sore and his teeth were pretty much shot as to chewing. He'd never had the best teeth.

We went to the vet again, desperate for anything, and she, herself, suggested the rice/hamburger/ketchup diet. He's a very picky eater, and in the end we were just focused on getting him to eat. I'd rather have lost him in the end to kidney failure rather than starvation. Him eating in general was a great plus.

He relapsed after 2 months. I agree, probably because of the poor kidney diet, but when he doesn't eat you can't just go 'he doesn't eat the perscribed food he can't have anything'. The vet suggested it, we went upon it, and he was fine for at least 3 weeks on it. Happy, joyful...back to his old self. When he relapsed he lost interest for everyhting. I found myself crying beside him outside (I put him on a blanket outside...he liked it better than inside) trying to make him eat. We tried baby food upon another suggestion, which he wouldn't eat even if attempted to be force fed. He was just terrible. We put him down the next day.

I think what helped him through the two months was the fact he was on a couple naturalpathic remedies for kidney failure. The vets had only expected him to live not longer than a week after the IV meds, and were even skeptical that he'd respond. He did, and he lasted 2 months. Everytime we went to the vets they'd say 'wow he looks so good I can't believe it!' He gained half a pound, a lot for a little dog with that kind of condition and an appetite like his.

Looking back I don't think I'd have done everything different. He enjoyed a whole summer, played, swam...but when he relapsed he hit rock bottom. Your right, Dr., it's a brutally hard decision. I went into the vets office and I cried my eyes out. He kept looking at me with his big sad eyes and I'd cry all over again. Eventually I just handed him off, gave him a kiss, and thanked the vet for everything. I couldn't bear watch him go.

Thank you for the incite, however. I do understand that he was to be on a low protein (more importantly low phosphorus) diet. I have pages of research on it...I tried to follow best I could. The diet's what really made it hard though, a picky dog and a specific diet really made out for the worse.