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Wreckless diagnosis

From what I understand regarding Prednisone after doing research and consulting with specialists:

Regarding Prednisone:

1) Should only be prescribed in such a massive immune system stopping dose as a LAST resort when all else fails.
2) Should not be given as a shot ( as its long term acting ) in case the pet has a reaction to it as the shot is long-term acting (2-3 weeks).
3) Should never be given when the pet has an infection (which was the original other DVM's diagnosis).

Those three broken "rules" has me furious at the "guru" DVM who failed to not follow them and also failed to inform me of the side effects along with the fact that you can't simply stop giving your pet Pred and must be weened. If my dog was a person I would have a malpractice file so quick their head would spin.

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